why should you never drink and drive

It is always nice to put on your party shoes and go wild while you have fun in Las Vegas. It is all about gambling, shopping, dining and having fun. However, one thing that you must never do is drive while you are drunk. Obviously you must have heard this several times, but it must be surprising to note that there were in total 99 fatal accidents in Nevada alone, with drivers having a BAC of 0.08% and above. If you are lucky enough to escape death, you might get arrested. A Las Vegas DUI attorney will then be your lifesaver. However, you must keep it in your mind that you are in Las Vegas and a Las Vegas DUI lawyer will cost a lot of burden on your pocket. Therefore, it is always better to avoid driving when you are drunk.
Now the question is what is the limit to which you can drink and drive? Even though the law in US states that the limit is a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of 0.08, but latest researches show that the effect is seen even if you had one shot of liquor. For both men and women, impairment starts to show its primary signs even after the first drink. Therefore, it is never advisable to drive when you are drunk.
Before you reach the limit of 0.08 of BAC, you should also know about the levels prior to that and what happens to your body during that.
0.02 BAC level
At this level, studies have shown that people tend to relax and feel good. Gradually, they lose their sense of judgment when they are at this level. Despite this, experiments have shown that it does not end here. People subject to 0.02 BAC experience a slightly obstruct vision and lack the ability to follow a mobile object. Even though these signs are hardly noticeable after someone has had one drink, but such a person will not be able to act the way he or she would have without alcohol, in ‘fight or flight’ conditions.
0.05 BAC level
Reaching this level, a person may show exaggerated behavior and may experience lack in controlling small muscles of his body. This may include taking fairly more time in focusing an object and even poorer judgment and action in sudden circumstances. Such people will not be able to act attentive and behave well in alert situations. Drivers with a 0.05 BAC experience lack of co ordination and difficulty in focusing. Therefore, they will not be able to detect dangers promptly and would be at risk of having fatal accidents.
0.08 BAC level
This is the legal limit to drive while you are drunk. This is when a driver may lose nearly all of his senses. Such a driver may not control his balance, vision, hearing, speech and even actions. Drivers at this level might not be able to detect danger at all. Restricted vision and lack of self control may lead to fatal accidents. They would not be able to judge the speed of the car, responses to sudden dangers and also find it very hard to focus on the road.
The worst thing alcohol can do to you is increasing your reaction time. You may take longer than expected to act on situations that are sudden and should be dealt with alertness. Party hard, but your safety comes first and foremost. Whatever you do, never drive while you are drunk! Save yourself and others from accidents and dangers.

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